A list of  links and resources that I think are worthwhile exploring.

Who’s who

This is a quick biography of people of interest in the field of personal development. Usually the are writers or psychologists.

My Books

Review of various books on personal development, psychology or psychiatric books. Good place to start if you are wanting to self manage depression and anxiety, or if you just want a good read.

Latest Posts

Dr Sarah Coll

Dr Sarah Coll is by any standards a trail blazer in the field of ¬†surgery. She was one of the […]

Musings on Stoicism

Long before the Greeks became famous for financial mismanagement, the mono-brow and the island of Lesbos , Greece was considered […]

Why I love fish oils

Omega-3 fatty acids, or fish oils as they are usually referred to have become increasingly popular over the last ten […]

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